Cringe Spectacular Episode 1

Gathering Intel


_Here we got to introduce Elona, a half-elf rogue who grew up in the mean streets of Paeruna, and Siraj, a tiefling monk who has already made a bad name for herself by stealing Thorin’s favourite cross. _

The first order of business was to start gathering information about these odd disappearances- on advice from the disgruntled Thorin- all he could suggest was to get information from the captain of the guard or Aydd back at the Slaughtered Pony.

As Mishann was staying at the Inn, Siraj and Elona went to fill her in about what Thorin had said. All 3 adventurers gathered at the bar and had a chat to Aydd to see if he himself had any advice or information about investigating this odd little town. He revealed that an old hermit has lived in this area for far longer than anyone else and could have some answers about the history of this town. When asked if he knew where this hermit was; he was not entirely sure as he moves around but last he was seen was in the north of the forest surrounding the town. The 3 were cautious about just wandering into the forest by themselves- as it has been discovered there are certainly bears.

This is when the table near you speaks up; as they are local hunters they know the area well and would be able to guide you- for a price. Enter Gregory, he was a hunter that frequented the northern part of the forest and it would not take him out of his way to guide you. He still required compensation though.

But before you set off into the forest with Greg; you pop over to the Guards Barracks. There the group meets Brenda, the Captain of the Guard. Here she gives you the run down on who has disappeared so far. Brenda explains there isn’t much connection between each of the individuals or groups going missing. All that is for certain is that these disappearances have been occurring for at least 2 months- it’s hard to tell if this is accurate or if this has been going on much longer as so many people pass through this seaside town. To date, 9 people have been reported missing.

Brenda reveals to the adventurers that she suspects whoever or whatever abducting these people is hiding out in the ruins of the ancient temple this town was built on; various other guards and adventurers alike have attempted to explore what could possibly be residing underneath the town. None have returned.


not_a_good_dm not_a_good_dm

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