Cringe Spectacular Episode 1


maddie is dead

So we started our quest in a small dive called “The Slaughtered Pony”. You were all approached by a bald stranger who thought you guys would be a good, well rounded group to help out in the town’s dilemma.

The crossroads costal town was built upon an old and seemingly abandoned temple dedicated to Umberlee, Queen of the Depths. Since the temples razing and the towns construction it has not had an easy ride; there has been major flooding and storms and now people are starting to disappear. The local priest suspects that it has to do with the temple that was destroyed, well, partially destroyed.

You have met with the priest and have agreed to check out the underground levels of the old temple. You have not received too much information from the priest about what is down there as he is too afraid and those who have previously adventured down there have not come back.

We will be starting off the morning after you talked to the priest and prior to Daniel setting fire to the kitchen and Maddie wandering off into the forest and getting killed by a bear.


not_a_good_dm not_a_good_dm

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